Solidarity contribution

The Federal Act on Compulsory Social Measures and Placements prior to 1981 (CSMPA) provides the legal basis for payments to be made to the victims. In particular, it provides for what is known as a ‘solidarity contribution’. This is intended as an acknowledgement of the injustice suffered by the victims, as well as being an expression of social solidarity.

The Act originally stipulated that the persons concerned could submit applications for a period of 12 months after the Act came into force, i.e. until the end of March 2018. However, a large number of people submitted applications after that date. The National Council and the Council of States therefore decided to lift the deadline for submitting applications for a solidarity contribution under the Act. Consequently, those concerned will now be able to submit an application for as long as they live.

The revised Act came into force on 1 November 2020.

You will find the most important information on the solidarity contribution and on the application procedure in the instructions shown below. (These documents are not available in English)

You can also order hard copies of these documents from the Federal Office of Justice, the cantonal contact points or your local cantonal archives.

Electronic mailbox - (for cantonal contact points only - for the delivery of documents from the archives):

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