fedpolʼs mission

fedpol fights serious crime under federal jurisdiction

On behalf of the Office of the Attorney General, fedpol carries out investigations into complex cases involving serious crime, and provides coordination and support services in criminal investigations by the Attorney General’s Office, the cantons and foreign authorities. It also conducts police enquiries in its own scope of competence, and carries out strategic analyses of crime phenomena and threats.

fedpol directs national and international police cooperation

Crime does not stop at national borders. That is why fighting crime often requires an international response. fedpol coordinates intercantonal and international investigations, providing its partners with cooperative instruments around the clock. It works collaboratively with its partners with regard to international searches and has access to the Schengen Information System (SIS) thanks to Schengen cooperation. At European level fedpol works closely with Europol, and at international level with INTERPOL and the UN.

fedpol ensures the safety of people and facilities under federal protection

fedpol defines security measures for protecting senior members of the Swiss government, federal judges and officials, and people subject to protection under international law. It is also responsible for the security of federal buildings and foreign diplomatic missions accredited to Switzerland. Together with the cantons, it coordinates and heads the police response to emergency situations such as terrorist attacks or involving abduction, hostage-taking or blackmail.

fedpol develops and operates national databases and competence centres

The exchange of information and the identification of people and objects are central to fighting crime. fedpol develops and operates national databases, and makes these instruments available to federal and cantonal security and migration services.

Last modification 30.09.2021

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