Round-the-clock service

The FDJP’s IT Service Desk is the main hub for contact between our application users and our in-house specialists. The Service Desk monitors all systems and is on call to receive user reports of any malfunctions. They identify the nature of the problem and alert the technical specialists needed to deal with it. The Service Desk verifies that any malfunctions have been remedied and informs the user of new solutions made possible by resolution of the problem. The Service Desk also provides users with multi-lingual notice of any scheduled or unscheduled interruptions in application availability.

Single Point of Contact for IT users of the FDJP
If you have any questions or wish to report a failure, please dial 5 88 88 to contact the FOITT Service Desk. Problems concerning special FDJP applications will be immediately forwarded to the Service Desk.

Service Desk of the IT Service Centre FDJP for clients outside the FDJP
If you need support concerning our special applications, please dial 3 78 78 to contact the Service Desk of the IT Service Centre FDJP.

Service hours
The FDJP IT Service Desk is available Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.   For certain applications a 24/7 hotline is available for use outside normal business hours, offering round-the-clock support services.

Last modification 02.07.2020

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IT Service Centre ISC-FDJP
Service Desk
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T +41 58 463 78 78

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