IT Service Centre hardware platforms

The Technical Operations Division is responsible for all of the IT Service Centre’s hardware platforms. These include Host, Unix, Linux, MS-Windows and storage platforms on the one hand, and networks and their services, firewalls and storage area networks on the other hand.

The systems are operated in two different locations and are monitored on a 24/7 basis. An on-call service is available in case problems arise.

The people in our Windows Unit operate the FDJP’s Active Directory. They also operate approximately 650 Windows servers and various management applications such as SCCM, MOM and WSUS across our network.

Our Unix/Linux Unit operates around 500 Solaris, SUSE and Red Hat-Linux systems.

Our Network team maintains and provides for our communication infrastructure, including all network services. They operate the core and surrounding systems for the Single Sign On-Portal. This unit is also responsible for operating the network zones within the FDJP.

Our Firewall Unit operates all Firewalls under the auspices of the IT Service Centre, the ACE and proxy servers and the central services. They are responsible for the security of sensitive and critical systems with regard to all kinds of internal and external attack.

The Storage Unit operates the central storage systems and the FDJP’s associated storage network. They are responsible for Data Management, Data Backup and Data Security.

Postal Service and Telecommunications Surveillance
This Unit operates the system platform monitoring telecommunications.

Last modification 06.10.2016

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