Priority themes: police, justice and migration

We are responsible for professional and efficient realisation of ICT projects requiring specialised applications to meet demands specific to the FDJP’s activities in the areas of “police, justice and migration”. In addition to developing and customising new applications, we are also responsible for maintaining and enhancing existing applications and for integrating standard applications into the ICT environment of the FDJP. Existing ICT solutions are either adapted to better meet client requirements and keep pace with technological developments or expanded to include new performance features. All applications are designed to meet the highest standards of availability and security.

Consulting services, ICT project management, design, implementation and operation
This division is responsible for the management of ICT projects for the Federal Administration. Its tasks comprehend consulting services and project management, including the design, realisation, integration and implementation of specialised applications. These services are provided under the terms of specific agreements concluded individually with the respective clients.

Systems development
The applications we develop provide high availability and security and offer the following features:

  • Predominantly enterprise Java applications using Spring Framework.
  • Services and applications – built using microservice architecture – allowing for direct installation in private clouds/PaaS (platform as a service).
  • Use of modern dedicated development environments such as Spring Boot, Angular (single page application), persistence frameworks and an automated build and deployment pipeline.
  • Linux and Windows-based systems as target platforms for individual applications and standard products, complemented by increased use of private cloud systems based on Kubernetes for microservice-based systems.
  • Use of PostgreSQL, ORACLE and MS-SQL databases.
  • High availability and security, ensured by the use of microservice-based architecture and distributed data centres.

Project Methodology
The project methodology follows the Federal Administration’s HERMES standard supplemented by state-of-the-art technologies and tools.

Last modification 09.07.2019

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