Verification trucks

METAS has a 40-tonne verification truck which is loaded with calibrated rollable or stackable 500 kg weights and can be used throughout Switzerland and in neighbouring countries. The verification truck - with trained operating personnel - is available for hire to scale manufacturers or for any oth-er users for testing purposes.

The verification truck with 5 axles has a crane at the rear, which ena-bles quick unloading and loading, so that no aids are required on the user side. In the case of small work areas, it is possible to raise the last axis on the 40 t verification truck.


Reservationskalender (PDF, 110 kB, 17.04.2024) (current deployment plan)

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Verification truck, 5 axles

length 11.6 m

width 2.57 m

heigth 3.55 m

turning radius ca 20 m

crane: 14.6 m with 500 kg

40 weights to 500 kg

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Last modification 17.04.2024

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