Breath alcohol analyzer

The measured mass concentration of a breath alcohol sample isno longer be converted to blood alcohol content. From 0.25 mg/l (previously 0.5 ‰) the intoxication is deemed to be proven, punishable by a fine. From 0.40 mg/l (previously 0.8 ‰) the intoxication is deemed to be aggravated, leading to a criminal conviction.

Breath alcohol testing devices determine the mass concentration of ethanol in human breath. They show the breath alcohol concentration directly in mg/l without conversion into blood alcohol content.  The indicated measurement result is only valid as an official statement of facts in exceptional circumstances: Persons tested for alcohol have the option to acknowledge the result in the range between 0.25 mg/l and 0.39 mg/l in writing.

Breath alcohol analyzers determine the mass concentration of ethanol in human breath under controlled sampling conditions as well as in redundant manner and are thus evidential. The result is displayed in mg of ethanol per litre of breath. The displayed measurement result is deemed to be a legal statement of facts in the range between 0 mg/l and 2 mg/l and is thus sufficient for a criminal conviction or fine.


Last modification 11.06.2024

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