International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development ICMPD is an international organisation dealing with issues that include the following:

  • preventing and reducing irregular migration,
  • assisting returning migrants,
  • combating trafficking in human beings and other forms of exploitation,
  • borders management,
  • asylum and international protection,
  • migration, in particular developing legal migration,
  • social cohesion.

The ICMPD is based in Vienna and has coordination and project offices in various countries.

Switzerland is a founder member of the ICMPD, and has been involved in ICMPD projects in various countries since 1993. In addition, it encourages a dialogue on migration and conducts research and studies on specific questions of migration policy.

In addition to its work with this organisation, Switzerland is a member of the ICMPD steering group, in which all the member states are represented. The steering group supervises the work of the ICMPD in general and also provides support to the organisation. It is a platform that allows member states to exchange views on matters of interest and concern relating to migration. Each year, a different country chairs the steering group, and is in charge of organising, with the ICMPD, strategic meetings on current issues that it finds of interest.

In 2020, Switzerland is chairing the steering group, and has been promoting the issue of ‘Safeguarding human and public security in the new migration agenda’.


Last modification 23.04.2021

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