Decision Shaping

Located at the heart of Europe, Switzerland is naturally also influenced by EU policy on migration and asylum. This influence has been extended and institutionalised through the Schengen/Dublin Association Agreements, which, in turn, grant Switzerland a right to participate in decision-making on Schengen/Dublin matters.

European States have been working towards a common asylum and migration policy since the 1980s, a time when the most pressing issues concerned refugee policy. Today, such developments in migration policy are mainly made within the context of the European Union. Through its association with the Schengen and Dublin acquis, Switzerland is already aligned with these policies and committed to implementing further developments. With Schengen, it subscribes to a common border protection and visa policy. In relation to asylum, the Dublin Regulation determines which European State is responsible for examining an asylum application. This prevents duplication of efforts and ensures that each application for asylum is actually examined.

The Schengen/Dublin legislative framework has a big influence on day-to-day operations within SEM. The Secretariat studies possible impacts of these policies on Swiss practices and conducts research and information activities on this multifaceted topic. SEM representatives participate in various working groups in the European institutions on the further development of the Schengen/Dublin legislative framework.

EU Committees

EU Committees

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