Organising the return journey

In the case of all voluntary returns, the return counselling service (RCS) works with SEM to organise the return journey.

For the vulnerable people who need special assistance before, during and/or after the journey (persons who are physically ill or who have mental health issues, elderly persons with reduced mobility, minors, victims of human trafficking, single parents with small children, persons who are traumatised), the return journey can be organised by the RCS as part of the SIM programme (SwissREPAT-IOM Movements).

SIM is thus aimed at people whose case falls within the asylum field, and at foreigner nationals who choose to voluntarily return to their country of origin or to move to a third country. For these people, the SIM program offers the option of a trip planned and supervised by the IOM.

The services organised by IOM under the SIM programme are :

  • Planning the route, making reservations, obtaining tickets, dealing with baggage
  • Assistance in travelling to the airport in Switzerland
  • Assistance at transit airports
  • Assistance on arrival in the country of origin or at the destination
  • ​Assistance to reach the final destination
  • Medical or social assistance during the flight

Last modification 26.04.2021

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